Mount Offers ‘Center for Student Success’

The Center for Student Success provides academic support services to Mount students. From front to back, front row: Academic coaches Kristy O’Brien, Megan Morrissey, and Racheal Shertzer. Back row: Mount students Matthew Dalmeto, a freshman nursing major from Staten Island; Jennifer Giordano, a freshman psychology major from Brooklyn; and Joseph Mando, a sophomore history and secondary education student from Valley Stream. (photo provided)

Any student can hit speed bumps on the road to achievement. In fact, academic progress is cited by students as a crucial factor for their perseverance. The Mount’s Center for Student Success helps with academic and personal support services to ensure that students have the resources to flourish. Support is targeted based on attendance, motivation, class preparation, or the need for improved study skills. The transition to college can come with unexpected challenges, explained Dante Cantú, director. “Much like a coach in sports, that’s the way our academic coaches behave here,” said Cantú. “It’s not about doing the work for them, it’s about showing students how to use the tools, and how to navigate a different environment so that they can apply their best and develop who they are.”

Megan Morrissey, an academic coach and 2006 Mount graduate, said that she and fellow coaches are working with residence life staff to reach out to as many first year students as possible. “It’s very important to be out there and be visible,” said Morrissey. “We can work on study skills. We can work on making a schedule. We can help you succeed.”

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